IP Traffic Measurement, Modeling and Management

The 13th ITC Specialist Seminar was held on September 18-20, 2000, Monterey, CA, USA.

The need to measure, characterize, and derive tractable models for IP traffic has become critical with the tremendous growth in the public Internet and enterprise IP networks. During the ITC 16 Congress in Edinburgh (June 1999), the decision was taken by some teletraffic experts to organize a specific seminar for exchanging ideas between researchers and practitioners in this important area. One of the seminar objectives was to bring together the teletraffic and Internet communities for an exchange of perspectives on traffic and performance modeling, traffic management, and the design of the evolving IP networks.The technical program was prepared by an international Committee co-chaired by M. Crovella, from Boston University, by Jim Roberts, from France Telecom R&D and by Yoni Levy from AT&T Labs.
The practical organization of the Specialist Seminar was in the hands of Pat Wirth, Renee Dalton, Yoni Levy and Frank Huebner, all from AT&T Labs, and by Bob Phillips, from GTE now Genuity.
Sponsors of the Seminar were, in alphabetical order, AT&T, France Telecom, Lucent Technologies - Bell Labs, Microsoft Research, Nortel Networks and Telcordia Technologies.The program of the seminar hereafter reflected the main objectives:

Monday, September 18

09:00 - 10:30 Welcome and Introductions
Keynote Address:

The World Wide Web as a Graph
Andrei Broder, VP Research & Chief Scientist, AltaVista

10:30 - 11:00 Break
11:00 - 12:30 Trends & Patterns in IP Traffic

Trends in Wide Area IP Traffic Patterns
Sean McCreary and kc claffy
Internet Measurements: the Rising Tide and the DNS Snag
Christian Huitema and Sam Weerahandi
Modeling and Analysis of HTTP Traffic
Ajit K Jena, Adrian Popescu and Parag Pruthi
Servers Location & Verification Tool, for Backbone Access Points
Carlos Veciana-Nogus, Jordi Domingo-Pascual and Josep Sol-Pareta

12:30 - 02:00 Lunch Break
02:00 - 03:30 Internet Traffic Models

Measuring Internet User Traffic Behavior Dependent on Access Speed
Norbert Vicari and Stefan Köhler
Call level traffic analysis of a large ISP
Jorma Kilpi and Ilkka Norros
GenSyn - a Java Based Generator of Synthetic Internet Traffic Linking User Behaviour Models to Real Network Protocols
Poul E. Heegaard
A Compound Model for TCP Connection Arrivals
Carl J. Nuzman, Iraj Saniee, Wim Sweldens and Alan Weiss

03:30 - 04:00 Break
04:00 - 05:50 Network Design and Routing

The Design of IP Enterprise Networks with QoS
John G. Klincewicz, James A. Schmitt and Richard T. Wong
Fixed Point Models for the End-to-End Performance Analysis of IP Networks
R.J. Gibbens, F.P. Kelly, S.K. Sargood, C. Van Eijl, H. Azmoodeh, R.N. Macfadyen & N.W. Macfadyen
Fun Factor Dimensioning for Elastic Traffic
Joachim Charzinski
A Comparative Study of Routing Algorithms for Elastic Flows in a Multiservice Network
Sara Oueslati-Boulahia and
Eliane Oubagha
Congestion Management of Hop-by-Hop Routed Packet Networks via Equal Cost Multiple Paths
Michael Ji, Murali Kodialam and Y.T. Wang

Tuesday, September 19

7:30 - 3:00pm Registration
08:30 - 10:00 Scaling Phenomena

Pointwise Hölder Exponent Estimation in Data Network Traffic
Stephane Seuret and Anna Gilbert
Multifractal Cross Traffic Estimation
Vinay Ribeiro, Mark Coates, Brent Hendricks, Shriram Sarvotham, Rudolf Riedi & Richard Baraniuk
Influence of Transmission Delay on Self-similar Scaling Behavior of TCP/IP Packet Traffic
Hiroki Furuya, Hajime Nakamura and Tobias Hill
Parameter Estimation for Long Range Dependent Data: Single Fine vs. Multiple Coarse Measurements
Eric van den Berg

10:00 - 10:30 Break
10:30 - 12:00 Invited Talks

Tracking a Metamorphic Infrastructure: Observations on our (in)Ability to Accurately Predict Analyze or Even Measure Conditions on the Global Internet
kc Claffy, CAIDA University of California at San Diego, USA
Internet Traffic Analysis: Monitoring the Sprint IP Backbone
Christophe Diot, Sprint

12:00 - 01:30 Lunch Break01:30 - 03:00 Packet-Level Models

Scaling Analysis of IP Traffic Components
Sándor Molnár and Trang Dinh Dang
Assessing the Effects of Short-Range and Long-Range Dependence on Overflow Probabilities
Daniel P. Heyman, Danielle Liu and T.V. Lakshman
Maximum likelihood estimation of a structured MMPP with applications to traffic modeling
Sofia Andersson and Tobias Rydén
Evaluation of Effective Bandwidth Schemes for Self-Similar Traffic
Stefan Bodamer and Joachim Charzinski

03:00 - 03:30 Break
03:30 - 05:20 Traffic Management

Performance of Bandwidth Sharing Mechanisms for Service Differentiation in the Internet
T. Bonald and J.W. Roberts
A Duality Model of TCP Flow Control
Steven Low
End-User Policies for Predicting Congestion Patterns in Data Networks
Laurent MassouliéPeter Key and Koenraad Laevens
Implementation and Experimental Analysis of IP Schedulers in an IntServ-over-ATM Testbed
Nicola Ciulli
and Stefano Giordano
Aggregation and Conformance in Differentiated Service Networks: A Case Study
Roch A Guérin and Vicent Pla

07:30 Banquet

Wednesday, September 20

09:00 - 10:30 Inference & Estimation

Multicast Topology Inference from End-to-end Measurements
N.G. Duffield, F. Lo Presti, J. Horowitz and D. Towsley
Network Loss Inference using Unicast End-to-End Measurement
Mark Coates and Robert Nowak
Improving Accuracy of Bandwidth Estimation for Internet Links by Statistical Methods
Kazumine Matoba, Shingo Ata, and Masayuki Murata
Parametric Resampling Analysis of Traffic Measurements for Capacity Management
Mine Caglar and K.R. Krishnan

10:30 - 11:00 Break
11:00 - 12:30 Panel Discussion

What role will traffic modeling and engineering play in the future Internet?
Moderator: P.E. Wirth, AT&T Labs, USA
Panelists: D. Awduche, R. Guerin, D. Heyman, and J. Roberts

12:30 Closing of the Seminar