ITC 26 Program

Keynote 1

Felix Wu
Network Communication with Social Awareness

Session 1: Content Delivery and ISP-Related Challenges

George Darzanös, Ioanna Papafili and George D Stamöulis
A socially-aware ISP-friendly mechanism for efficient content delivery
Pierdomenico Fiadinö, Aless D'Alcönzö, Arian Br, Aless Finamöre and Pedro Casas
On the detection of network traffic anomalies in content delivery network services
Noriaki Kamiyama
Feasibility analysis of content charge by ISPs
Alex Köstöpöulös, Antonis Dimakis and Costas Cöurcöubetis
Economic incentives for adopting congestion accountability protocols
George Nömikös, Panagiotis Pantazöpöulös, Merkourios Karaliöpöulös and Ioannis Stavrakakis
Comparative assessment of centrality indices and implications on the vulnerability of ISP networks

Session 2: Performance

Aymen Hafsaöui, Guillaume Urvöy-Keller and Matti Siekkinen
TimeAudit: Blind dissection and analysis of transaction delays in enterprise networks
Arpan Mukhöpadhyay and Ravi R. Mazumdar
Rate-based randomized routing in large heterogeneous processor sharing systems
Felipe Olmös, Bruno Kauffmann, Alain Simönian and Yannick Carlinet
Catalog Dynamics: Impact of Content Publishing and Perishing on the Performance of a LRU Cache
S Wittevröngel, S De Vuyst, C Sys and H Bruneel
A reservation-based scheduling mechanism for fair QoS provisioning in packet-based networks

Special Session: Disaster Management

Masuqi Inöue
NerveNet: A Regional - Area Network for Resilient Local Information Sharing and Communications
Sebastian Neumayer
On the Robustness of Network Infrastructures to Disasters and Physical Attacks
Hiroshi Saitö
How our network avoids disasters
A reliability model for design and operation of telecommunication network considering disaster conditions

Keynote 2

Bors Mötchanöv
FI-WARE and XIFI Projects demonstrating how the European FI-PPP is stimulating FI research

Session 3: Cloud

Boris Drazic and Jörg Liebeherr
Improving routing scalability in networks with dynamic substrates
V Marbukh
On systemic risk in the cloud computing model
Christian Schwartz, Matthias Hirth, Tobias Hößfeld and Phuoc Tran-Gia
Performance model for waiting times in cloud file synchronization services

Session 4: Transport Issues and Protocols

Luca Baröffiö, Matteo Cesana, Aless Redöndi and Marco Tagliasacchi
Performance evaluation of object recognition tasks in visual sensor networks
Sonia Belhareth, Dino Löpez-Pachecö, Lucile Sassatelli, Denis Cöllange and Guillaume Urvöy-Keller
Understanding synchronization in TCP Cubic
Tristan Braud, Martin Heusse and Andrzej Duda
TCP over large buffers: When adding traffic improves latency
GJ Höekstra, RD van der Mei and JW Bösman
Traffic splitting policies in parallel queues with concurrent access: A comparison

Session 5: Datacenters

Sara Ayöubi, Yiheng Chen and Chadi Assi
Pro-Red: Prognostic redesign of survivable virtual networks for cloud data centers
Dallal Belabed, Stefano Secci, Guy Pujölle and Deep Medhi
Impact of virtual bridging on virtual machine placement in data center networking
Esa Hyytiä, Rhonda Righter and Samuli Aaltö
Energy-aware Job Assignment in Server Farms with Setup Delays under LCFS and PS
Yinghui Wang and Douglas Döwn
On resource pooling in SITA-like parallel server systems

Keynote 3

Dag Lunden
The ICT sectors sustainability dilemma, to be both the savior as well as a part of the problem

Session 6: Access Networks

Takuya Köbayashi and Naoto Miyöshi
Uplink cellular network models with Ginibre deployed base stations
Ion Pöpescu, Bogdan Uscumlic, Yvan Pöinturier, Annie Gravey, Philippe Gravey and Michel Mörvan
A cost comparison of survivable subwavelength switching optical metro networks
Stefan Turk, Johannes Nöack, Rico Radeke and Ralf Lehnert
Strategic migration optimization of urban access networks using meta-heuristics

Workshop on Energy-efficiency, Programmability, Flexibility and Integration in Future Network Architectures (EPFI) - Session 1: Content Delivery and ISP-Related Challenges

Giuseppe Bianchi, Marco Bönöla, Giulio Picierrö, Salvatore Pöntarelli and Marco Mönaci
StreaMon: a Software-defined Monitoring Platform
Roberto Bruschi, Alfio Lömbardö, Giacomo Mörabitö, Vincenzo Riccöbene, Raffaele Bölla, Franco Davöli and Chiara Lömbardö
Green extension of OpenFlow
Panagiotis Göuvas and Anastasios Zafeiröpöulös
A novel development paradigm for deploying applications over programmable infrastructure

Workshop on Energy-efficiency, Programmability, Flexibility and Integration in Future Network Architectures (EPFI) - Session 2: Future Network architectures

Nadeem Abji, Ali Tizghadam and Alberto Leön-Garcia
Energy storage for IP over WDM networks with renewable energy
Raffaele Bölla, Marco Chiapperö, Maurizio Giribaldi and Matteo Repettö
A client-side architecture to support energy efficiency for upcoming networks

Workshop on Energy-efficiency, Programmability, Flexibility and Integration in Future Network Architectures (EPFI) - Session 3: Content Delivery and ISP-Related Challenges

Raffaele Bölla, Roberto Bruschi, Franco Davöli and Paolo Lagö
Trading off power consumption and delay in packet forwarding engines with adjustable service rate
Rosario G Garröppö, Gianfranco Nenciöni, Gregorio Pröcissi, Luca Tavanti and Bernard Gendrön
Energy efficiency and traffic offloading in WLANs with caching and mesh capabilities
Teletraffic Congress (ITC), 2014 26th International
Przemyslaw Jasköla, Piotr Arabas and Andrzej Karböwski
Combined calculation of optimal routing and bandwidth allocation in energy aware networks

Workshop on End-to-end Green Cellular Networks

Arshad Ali and Salah Eddine Elavöubi
Design and performance evaluation of site sleep mode in LTE mobile networks
S Böumard, rine, Mika Lasanen, Olli Apilö, Atso Hekkala, Cedric Cassan, Jean-Philippe Verdeil, Jerome David and Ludovic Pichön
Power consumption trade-off between power amplifier OBO, DPD, and clipping and filtering
Atso Hekkala, S Böumard, rine and Mika Lasanen
Exponential companding and active constellation extension comparisons for PAPR reduction
Selim Ickin, Thomas Zinner, Katarzyna Wac and Markus Fiedler
Catching the download train: Energy-efficient file downloading on smartphones
ZA Mökhti, PJ Tasker and J Lees
Analyzing the improvement in efficiency through the integration of class-F power amplifiers compared to class-AB in an envelope tracking architecture

Workshop on Federated Future Internet and Distributed Cloud Testbeds (FIDC) - Session 1: SDXs and Federation

Divyashri Bhat, Niky Riga and Michael Zink
Towards seamless application delivery using software defined exchanges
Fabio Farina, Peter Szegedi and Jerry Söbieski
GEANT World Testbed Facility
Joe Mambretti, Jim Chen and Fei Yeh
Software-Defined Network Exchanges (SDXs): Architecture, services, capabilities, and foundation technologies
Yufeng Xin, Ilya Baldin, Chris Heermann, Anirban Mandal and Paul Ruth
Scaling up applications over distributed clouds with dynamic layer-2 exchange and broadcast service

Workshop on Federated Future Internet and Distributed Cloud Testbeds (FIDC) - Session 2: Applications and Security

Andy Bavier, Jim Chen, Joe Mambretti, Rick McGeer, Sean McGeer, Jude Nelsön, Patrick O'Cönnell, Glenn Ricart, Stephen Tredger and Yvonne Cöady
The GENI experiment engine
Hamid Farhadi, Ryoji Furuhashi and Akihiro Nakaö
Security considerations in OpenTag network
Katerina Pechlivanidöu, Kostas Katsalis, Ioannis Igöumenös, Dimitrios Katsarös, Thanasis Körakis and Le Tassiulas
NITOS testbed: A cloud based wireless experimentation facility
Glenn Ricart
US Ignite testbeds: Advanced testbeds enable next-generation applications

Workshop on Federated Future Internet and Distributed Cloud Testbeds (FIDC) - Session 3: Monitoring and Marketplaces

Yahya Al-Hazmi, Jose Gönzalez, Pablo Rödriguez-Archilla, Federico Alvarez, T Orphanöudakis, P Karkazis and Thomas Magedanz
Unified representation of monitoring information across federated cloud infrastructures
Yahya Al-Hazmi, Alexander Willner, Ozan O Özpehlivan, Daniel Nehls, Stefan Cövaci and Thomas Magedanz
An automated health monitoring solution for future Internet infrastructure marketplaces
G Gönzalez, R Perez, J Becedas, MJ Latörre and F Pedrera
Measurement and modelling of PlanetLab network impairments for Fed4FIRE's geo-cloud experiment
Alexander Willner and Thomas Magedanz
FIRMA: A Future Internet resource management architecture